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Welcome to the Gaian Tarot Circle!

The Circle is a membership community for lovers of Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot.

The Circle will be closing March 2014

This Circle as a place where we are . . .

  • Part of an online sacred space where we hang out with like-minded people
  • Nurturing ourselves by taking time for our spiritual & tarot practice
  • Inspired to deepen our relationship with Mama Gaia
  • Supporting others and being encouraged by them as we all learn to use the Gaian Tarot deck
  • Each moving more deeply into our own heart work

What is the Gaian Tarot?

The Gaian Tarot: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves is an evocative and powerful tool for accessing inner guidance that speaks to the hearts of those who practice an earth-centered spirituality. Joanna Powell Colbert — one of the “most accomplished and well-loved artists in the Goddess-spirit community,” according to Amber Lotus Publishing — breathes new life into traditional Tarot archetypes with rich images that are multicultural and contemporary. The accompanying book explains the symbolism used in each card, along with divinatory meanings, exercises and meditations that focus on healing the earth and ourselves in both spiritual and practical ways. In these days of environmental destruction and global climate change, the Gaian Tarot offers a vision of hope and healing.

A note from Joanna…

From the very beginning, the creation of the Gaian Tarot has been all about community. One of the key inspirations behind the deck was the unique web of people, animals and plant life that I connect with, here in the Pacific Northwest. And the community has been there, time and time again, every step of the way:

  • My friends and family posed for the cards and even took some of the reference photos for me.
  • My blog readers and, later, Facebook friends gave me feedback on the images as I created them.
  • When it came time to release the Limited Edition, I enlisted my talented sisters and brothers to help make the extra goodies that come with the deck and book.
  • More extraordinary friends gave valuable feedback on the book manuscript.
  • And my local Tarot and spiritual community showed up to help bless, box and ship out nearly 500 Limited Edition decks last spring.

Your emails and comments poured in after you began to receive your decks in the mail, and I realized that another kind of community was being born. It’s a circle of people who love this particular deck and who also love the earth (for why else would you be drawn to this deck?). Readers of this deck are truly a magical, special breed — a group of people interwoven with the larger community.

When I asked people what they wanted next, they overwhelmingly said they wanted a place where we can all come together on a regular basis for ongoing study, camaraderie and deep work. So I created this place for you. The Gaian Tarot Circle has become a special space in many lives.

“This community is a treasure chest of tarot experience and wisdom. I love hanging out with this group!” — Deb S., Washington

“I just had a chance to use the the Gaian Tarot Circle techno-reading. It was amazing! I loved the flow, the questions, room for notes and the ending thoughts. I have never seen an automated reading process that was interactive, so rich with insight, and challenged the querent with meaningful considerations and ideas to explore. This feature also helps us become better readers. Thank you!” — Maggie L., North Carolina

Thanks for creating such a vibrant community. I’m feeling so blessed to be a part of it.” — Danya S., Michigan

“Don’t you just love it when two or more of your favourite things come together? Lately, for me, it’s the blend of tarot and circle process in the guise of the Gaian Tarot Circle, an online forum for people who have a copy of Joanna Powell Colbert’s luscious and user-friendly Gaian Tarot deck. Even though it takes place online and in teleseminars, I experience the sensation of a real circle.

There’s respect, fascinating discussion, a variety of opinions, diverse styles of working with tarot and with communicating those ideas, and support for one another. Study is prompted by the natural cycles of the moon. If you get the deck, I highly recommend that you join the Gaian Tarot Circle. We learn a lot, discover new friends, and find out more about old friends.” — James Wells, Toronto, Ontario

Imagine . . .

  • Being part of an online “sacred space” where you hang out with like-minded people
  • Participating in monthly teleseminars with Tarot teachers and luminaries like James Wells, Mary K. Greer and Barbara Moore.
  • Nurturing yourself by taking time for your spiritual practice and your Tarot practice
  • Having access to an interactive, automated 78-card reading feature that encourages you to find your own intuitive reading of the cards before giving you the “canned” interpretations.
  • Supporting others and being encouraged by them as you all learn to use the Gaian Tarot deck
  • Being inspired to deepen your relationship with Mama Gaia

GTC Members are saying . . .

“What a wonderfully diverse bunch from all over! I am loving the warmth and spirit of the group, and I look forward to working and playing with everyone. I sense friendships to be gained and road trips to be had! . . . I think the most interesting thing to be developed is working with others on interpreting readings for circle members and seeing all our different points of view. Thank You Joanna for such a great online opportunity!” – Grace L., Michigan

“This feels like a real community, a warm one. We introduced ourselves enthusiastically, several people discovering that they had already met in person or lived near one another. Lots of people are participating, sharing great insights and perspectives on the cards. I’m learning a lot and looking forward to learning more.” – Jean P., Jerusalem, Israel

Love the live calls! What a great opportunity to hear people’s speaking styles, accents, voices, and personalities. It adds another dimension, another way of learning and enjoying the tarot. And I’m thrilled to hear some of the tarot ‘bigwigs’ in person! As well as listen to many of the ‘regulars’ from the forum.” – Vicki F., Ontario, Canada

What does it mean to be part of the Gaian Tarot Circle?

Four of FireEvery New Moon, I do a New Moon Reading with the Gaian Tarot, usually as a video. I do my own reading and ask GTC members to give their own interpretation.

There is a live call (teleseminar) twice a month. On one of the calls, I lead a discussion of the current Card(s) of the Month. (We are currently working our way through the Minors.) For the other call, I asked my friends in the greater Tarot community to present a teaching on the Gaian Tarot. These teachers include Mary K. Greer, Beth Owl’s Daughter, Barbara Moore, Corrine Kenner, Donnaleigh de la Rose and our own James Wells. There are other teachers, not as well-known, but gifted and wise nonetheless.

Listen to a sampling from one of the monthly calls on the cards, the Gardener. You’ll hear how Joanna shares why her cards show the people, animals, insects, and items they do. Hear her thought process, where it might have come from and what it represents to her, as well as how it fits into tarot symbolism. You get to ask questions, and we end our calls with group readings. You also get to share you own thoughts and ideas, as well as hear from others in the circle. Going deeper, being supported, having fun, all in a safe circle with other like-minded individuals. With Membership you get access not only to the future calls, but the ones in the archives as well.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

As a member you’ll find a discussion on each of the calls in the forum. Calls are recorded and archived. You can download them to listen any time, anywhere. You also have access to previous calls.

You’ll find additional full length samples on the Teleseminar page.

I send out an inspirational email each Monday about the Circle, the Gaian Tarot and the living earth (I’ve found that for many members this is the most important part of the circle for them).

We study the Gaian Tarot in depth each month. With posted exercises including downloadable worksheets and — you guessed it — conversation in the forum.

Any member can start a thread in the forum on any topic relating to the Gaian Tarot or earth-centered spirituality. Topics you’ll find in the forum:

  • Post readings you did for yourself, to bounce it off other people and get added insight
  • A “practice reading room” where you can exchange readings with other folks
  • Share new spreads and techniques
  • How do you use the GT other than in readings?
  • What’s up with Mama Gaia in your neighborhood?
  • Reading signs and omens in Nature
  • Questions for Joanna (ask her anything!)
  • The Gaian’s penchant for being literal
  • Whatever else you come up with!

Eight of AirMembership Bonuses:

  • A unique, interactive online reading feature with all 78 cards that will make you a better Tarot reader!
  • Discounted prices on Joanna’s classes, events and products
  • Surprises! (whatever new stuff I come up with)

I expect the content and features of the Gaian Tarot Circle to evolve over time, especially in response to the needs of the members (that’s you!).

This circle is not about adding more to your plate

… it’s about providing a structure so that you can create more me time in your life, for the things that nurture your spirit and your heart.

You can participate as much or as little as you want to, and you can leave the circle at any time. When you want to come back, we’ll be here.

“People are engaged in the process, sometimes more and sometimes less. That gives me approval to go at my own pace, whatever it is at the time.” – Pam S., Wisconsin

I love the Gaian Tarot Circle. I can’t believe it’s been six months already. I love our community . . . because even though we are in our baby stages, we are growing as a true community. I love the diversity of our members. We have people who have walked the path for years and have a wealth of wisdom to offer and we have relative newcomers to Tarot and to Mama Gaia (such as myself) who are enfolded in the circle and heard with love and respect.” – Mimi C., New York

“I find the teleseminars most valuable. You and the other hosts always have such interesting ways of addressing the topic. Each call is a treasure.” – Terra., California

“I am really enjoying The Gaian Tarot Circle. So grateful that in this digital age, I can learn a deck from the artist/author who created it. Blessed Be!” – Amy T., Colorado

How is the Gaian Tarot Circle different from other online Tarot communities?

Six of Water It’s focused on two main themes:

  1. Learning to use the Gaian Tarot as a tool for spiritual practice, self-development and personal insight, as well as learning to read the cards for others.
  2. Deepening our relationship with Mama Gaia.

Or, as the subtitle of the book says: “Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth.”

  • I am Priestess of the Circle, guiding and teaching and being present. There are other wonderful Tarot communities out there, and some of them are discussing the Gaian Tarot. But I’m not able to visit those communities very often because of limitations with my time.
  • I am making a commitment to creating safe, sacred space, free of negativity and judgment. This will be a place where you can come and be yourself, and be supported for who you are and the gifts you have to give the world. Your wisdom will be appreciated by us all.

I’m conscious of your pocketbook and I really want to make the Gaian Tarot Circle accessible to anyone who truly wishes to immerse themselves and participate fully. So I’ve set the price for all this Gaian goodness at $13/month, a price that won’t break the budget of most folks who want to participate.


Someone said recently that she didn’t consider me to be the final authority on my own deck, and I had to agree. Even though I created the deck with certain ideas in mind, it is now taking on a life of its own, like a child who is sent out into the world. The Gaian Tarot Circle will be a place where we all can contribute to the constantly shifting, ever-changing yumminess known as the Gaian Tarot. Hopefully, together we will create something much bigger than any of us ever could on our own.

One of my greatest pleasures is hearing about the insights and interpretations that people like you have about these cards. I can’t wait to hear more.

Meet you in the circle!

Blessings of the Sea, the Sun, & the Cedar trees,


Joanna Powell Colbert

P.S. 100% Guarantee — if you’re not happy with your GTC experience, we will refund your money, no questions asked.